As a Campus retailer you are dealing with a fast changing environment and unique challenges each and every day. Your ACBA membership assists in keeping you ahead of the curve in the higher education retail sector.

Membership benefits include:

Advocacy on a multitude of issues a fetching our industry. Including : disagreements with Suppliers, supply chain logistics, organizational restructures, financial and taxation issues amongst others.

Monitoring Trends
The speed of technological change is gathering momentum in the Retail sector and ACBA creates a forum (especially at conferences) where we can share experiences from early adopters as to whether real efficiency advantages are obtained.

Retail Opportunities
In the newly emerging digital environment it is increasingly important for campus bookshops to become less dependant on textbook sales to maintain or grow revenue streams. ACBA through promoting information exchanges enables and encourages vital insights concerning new profitable business opportunities.

Benchmarking Data & Reports
By contributing to various reports, ACBA members have the opportunity to benchmark the performance of various sectors of their business against Industry norms including wages, rents, banking charges, profit margins, discounts and many others. This information is invaluable for any Industry business analysis and performance reporting.

Conferences & Conference Networking
The ACBA Conference is an opportunity to showcase the industries new products, ideas, discussion of current government initiatives and their implications, educational sessions, hear from relevant experts on tertiary education policy, listen to prominent industry speakers, networking with Suppliers and other Booksellers and be part of our industry awards voting and presentations. ACBA has two conferences per year as follows: Mid-year Managers Conference held for managers only to discuss performances in the first semester "rush” and related industry issues

ACBA annual Conference held in October or November for 3 days attended by both Booksellers and Suppliers. Text-buyers and System Admin hold separate meetings with one additional full day devoted to industry issues with guest speakers and awards.

General Networking
By knowing various stakeholders it is invaluable to be able to pick up the phone and either seek advice of more information from a considerable breadth of industry knowledge and experience available from people in ACBA who have proven success in our industry.

ACBA Closed Email Lists
The following closed email lists are open to members only:

  • Managers
  • Textbuyers
  • System Administrators
  • TAFE Managers
  • Stationery
  • Software buyers
  • Financials

ACBA Webpage
The ACBA Website has member only access to information including member’s lists, conferences, ACBA projects, Freight dates, Fast Track dates, surveys and newsletters.

ACBA Book Industry Statistics
ACBA is an industry grouping of book industry statistics provide to Nielsen BookScan. Members contributing receive valuable industry sales statistics. Available to Australian members only.

Other Memberships
ACBA membership bestows automatic membership to the Australian Booksellers Association (ABA). Available to Australian members only.

ABA member benefits/discounts include:

  • Insurance
  • Merchant fees
  • International Freight Consolidation Scheme
  • Australia Post Parcel Post Scheme
  • Australian Book vouchers
  • ABA Benchmarking
  • Commercial Benefits

Access to NACS Information
ACBA holds an afiliate membership of the National Association of College Stores in the USA.