About ACBA

The Australian Campus Booksellers Association provides a unique resource to campus booksellers in a rapidly changing world.

What is ACBA?
ACBA is an incorporated association of campus booksellers, which grew out of the old Campus Booksellers Group. The Association was formed for the purpose of promoting the common interests of bookshops that are engaged in the provision of educational resources on tertiary campuses and colleges.

Who are the members?
We represent the interests of 30 members (115 stores) and around 680,000 students, 590 staff and turnover of over $130 million dollars in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Members must operate a tertiary campus bookshop for a minimum of 30 hours per week, 40 weeks a year.

Broad Aims
The Association offers both intangible and tangible benefits. The Association aids in the professional development of members and helps to deal with suppliers, colleges/universities, and the general problems and opportunities of business. One of the most important benefits is the networking between members to assist with problem solving and sharing ideas. Details of various benefits are:

  • Supplier Terms and Performances: ACBA Executive Committee monitors these and makes representations to suppliers as appropriate

  • Membership List: shop and contact details for each membership shop

  • Professional Development: through conferences and emails

  • Information about Industry Trends: through newsletters and conferences

Biannual Conferences
The AGM and conference (held in late September) always includes a Publishers session/forum together with an informal session for Publishers and Booksellers. A Managers Meeting is held in June.

Operating Survey
Once a year an operating survey is conducted on a highly confidential basis for members to compare their operations to other members. This is an extremely valuable survey comparing the participant; breakdown of revenue expenses. There is no charge for this survey and all members are encouraged to participate.

Surveys are conducted from time to time to keep members in touch with what others in the industry are doing. Surveys include Managers Salary Survey; Bookshop Employee Salary Survey; Credit Card Rates; Rents; Insurance Costs; Banking Costs; Web Data.

Global Email Addresses
Global email addresses are available to members for managers, text buyers, systems administrators, finance staff, stationery buyers, giving fast access for special deals, overstocks, text requirements, computer problems etc.

Overseas Store Members
These members have access to all member services, but membership fees are charged at half the rate set for other members in recognition of their limited access to association activities and services.